Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Leftovers, or, Tiny

After making the BIL's kilt hose last summer, I had some leftover sock yarn. I thought, what lovelier stuff to use for a baby sweater than nice, soft, sock yarn? I adored the smocking stitch I had used for the cuff of his hose, so I did some quick math and cast on. This will be a little cardi, knit flat in one piece from the bottom up. I've just reached the split between back and fronts, and I've also run out of yarn, so the project is just waiting for me to get back out to the shop to buy another two balls of it. Obviously, the same dye-lot being found is a virtual impossibility, so I'm going to switch to a nice, soft, mushroomy shade for the upper body and upper arms, so that the switch in dye-lots for the lower arms won't be so noticeable. Hopefully, this will actually be done before the Bean arrives. Also, I hope it fits; I have the sneaking suspicion that it is a little large for a newborn, but I have some ideas that may allow me to adjust the size for a smaller or larger Bean.

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