Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh, boo, or, Rain

Quite in keeping with the season, but still rather drab and grey. I actually quite like rainy home, with a cup of something hot and my puppy and some knitting. Instead, I am in my office, pretending to work, chilly because the a/c is too cold, fighting the urge to sleep. How many weeks left before I get to stop coming in? I think about three (just checked my calendar in Outlook: maybe two!!) and not a moment too soon.

Completely unrelatedly: how is it that I keep hearing about pets getting into mouse and rat poison? Not bait, laid out to get the little critters, but boxes of the stuff? We had to take Wembley to the doggie Urgent Care when she was just a baby: she'd jumped off The Man's lap and bonked her knee into the floor, and was refusing to walk a day later. Very worrisome, though she was absolutely fine, it turned out. Just a wuss. Anyway, while we were there, a family brought in their little dog who had eaten rat bane up at the cottage. And just today, I read about some dogs getting into mouse poison. I can't imagine keeping poison in my possession, period (but I'll grant you, I have never lived with a mouse or rat infestation, so I can't truly appreciate what that must be like) but I particularly cannot fathom keeping poison accessible to little animals who are not the intended victims. Maybe the ease with which such deadly chemicals can be purchased, and in highly secure containers like cardboard boxes (I always like to keep my deadly chemicals in the equivalent of a cereal box, don't you?) contributes to a general forgetting of just exactly what these chemicals actually do. It isn't pretty. And it's not for puppies.

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  1. Sometimes, it may be that the damned little creatures are smarter than we thought, and manage to get into places they shouldn't. Chloe is a whiz at getting into cabinets and such- in Seattle, we had to baby-proof the kitchen cabinets.



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