Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm gone for four months and then I post a novel...what can I say: I'm wacky.

Betcha thought I'd been abducted by aliens or something, huh?

Nope, still very much alive. Too much, perhaps, which caused the loss of the blogging mojo, as well as the knitting mojo, and also the general loss of my intelligence. Very frustrating, all, I tell you.

So, since it's been....roughly four months since my last real post, I have a little catching up to do. I won't bore you with crazy details, because, frankly, I'm lucky if anyone at all is interested in reading this at this point! In chronological order of occurrence:

- I'm pregnant. Well and truly at this point, as I'm just over 31 weeks. Great big belly, constant need to pee, back aches and all the fun of pregnancy. The first three months weren't particularly fun, the second three months simply flew by, and now I'm at the stage of just really, really wanting to not be at work and stay home and do house-readying, nesting things. How domestic. Gag me with a spoon! :D

- We moved! Thank heavens! The burbs were driving me bananas. Between the crazy people next door, and the crazy people next door to them, it was...crazy. Sure, I actually see more craziness now that we're downtown, but I don't find it objectionable to see people who have honest-to-goodness mental health concerns making their way in the world. The woman we lived next to out in the burbs, however, has no excuse for her behaviour. She's just a nutter by choice. And mean. And creeeeeepy.

- The Man has another job! And it's a permanent, not-on-contract, salaried position, walking distance from home. We park the car on the street and leave it there for days at a time! It's awesome! He's really enjoying it, too: he's a recruiter for an IT recruitment firm, placing people in positions with the federal government. It's quite a weight off both of us, knowing that he has a good job that he enjoys and in which he seems to be thriving before the baby makes his or her grand entrance.

- Work is changing. After the organization moved from Toronto to Ottawa there were some significant changes in personnel, as is to be expected whenever an office moves between cities over 5 hours away from each other. Recently our two primary administrative staff have both either stepped down or are in the process of stepping down. The changes are positive and good, and I'm very happy for both of them as they move on to new things, and in one case, gets to stop commuting every other week to room with friends, but it does mean a lot of change for us at work. It's actually pretty exciting, seeing that things are going to change a bit and watching the organization grow. What that means for me is pretty exciting, as well; with the personnel changes have come some alteration in the distribution of responsibilities, allowing me to take on more tasks that I'll really enjoy, and drop a few that I haven't been particularly enjoying (what the heck was a former religion and philosophy student doing running a database?!). So I'll go on maternity leave next month, leaving my job to somebody new (we're interviewing candidates this week!) and come back to a new job, with different responsibilities office! I get walls and a kid in the course of 12 months! Awesome! I have a new boss, as well, and she is, quite simply, fantastic. I'm a very big fan of hers (she's the one who's getting me out of a cubicle and amongst proper walls, too)!

I mentioned that I lost my knitting mojo in addition to my blogging mojo. I truly did. I was commuting by bus for almost two hours each day during the first 4 months of this pregnancy, and the bus ride alone was almost enough to make me ill most days; since that was my primary knitting time, I saw a real drop off in the amount of knitting time I got in any given week. Plus, then I started going to bed around 8:30 every night, so there was pretty much no knitting happening for the first few months. In the past few months I've been back to knitting again, but until very recently there was no sunlight! Every day was cloudy or snowing. Quite depressing, and made for absolutely no good photo-taking. The upshot is that I don't have any knitting shots for you. I did, however, spend some time today looking at some splendidly shot blogs, with alarmingly beautiful photos, so I'm feeling very inspired to plaster this space with pretty pictures of...anything! I have one little thing in the works worth seeing, so look for it very soon. In the meantime, just in case you forgot, I still have the cutest dog in, yes, the world.
Wembley face pic

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  1. I knew you had been abducted by a little alien, so I figured the blogging mojo went with it ;-)



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