Friday, April 18, 2008

Examination, or, All Checked Out

Wembley went to the vet today! She hadn't been in, um, awhile. *lowers head in shame* Yes, we were a little negligent for the last year and a half, but she's been perfectly healthy, so, all things considered, it wasn't too bad. She was weighed (just over 10 1/2 lbs) and fawned over by the techs and assistants and the vet. Everyone loved her. And she was so well behaved! She was quiet and happy and co-operative; it was a little like how it must be to have a "good" dog! The vet told us she has very bad tartar on her teeth (which we'd noticed) and told us to use an electric toothbrush on her, which should be...interesting. Maybe I'll set up the camera to get it on video: I'm sure it will make for hilarious viewing, particularly for the cat owners!

Wembley bed The vet commented several times on what a good job we had done with her in regards to her temperament and her behaviour, and we sort of looked at each other and thought: "Huh??" The next time she gets obnoxious or loud, I'll have to remind myself that I haven't actually totally failed to raise my puppy properly. The vet referred to her as being of a fairly "bossy" breed, so I think the fact that we have as much control as we do must be rather an accomplishment!

She got her shots, and her heartworm meds for this year, and we got all the information on having her spayed, because no, we haven't had her scooped out yet. She's very much an indoor dog who gets all her real exercise tearing around the house, so the opportunity for accidental puppies to happen would be pretty limited, and next to impossible. Still, we definitely want to have her done. Not cheap!! But then, if we wanted a cheap pet, we would have gotten a goldfish. Maybe a gerbil. But you can't do this with a goldfish.


  1. Isn't it always a relief to get a clean bill of health for our fuzzy friends?

    Now you have one less thing to worry about doing before the big event.

  2. She doesn't go nutzo when she's um, horny? Wow. She is a well behaved pup!!



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