Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another one bites the dust, or, *sigh*

I never actually bought or knit anything from The Garter Belt, but I did enjoy seeing the different selection of patterns on their site. I find that - even of e-zines whose designs don't necessarily appeal to me - seeing the variety of possibilities involving fibre and two sticks is inspiring in and of itself. It is unfortunate, then, that The Garter Belt is no longer on the net.

Such a strange month, seeing the demise of Magknits, and now The Garter Belt, two rather long-standing online knitting mags and pattern sites. Still, few people can afford to leave their full-time job to devote all their time to an online publication; most sites are labours of love and devotion, not particularly money-making ventures, so who, then, could honestly blame anyone for choosing to discontinue a site if the time needed to maintain it is simply no longer available?*

Sadly, I remove The Garter Belt link from my sidebar, while wondering what online knitting site will next garner our interest and our favour.

*I have not heard/read any blame associated with the sad demise of The Garter Belt, which is nice and quite refreshing; all the ladies involved in keeping The Garter Belt on the net seem like truly lovely people, so I'm relieved that there seems to be no animus associated with the site or its being shut down.*

1 comment:

  1. I think there's was more a technical problem there. I liked having the patterns all in once place--but I also blog stalk the designers I like from there and they sell their patterns from there.



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