Saturday, February 19, 2011

well lived

In just over an hour, The Recruiter and I will be off to a worship service in celebration of the life and the promise of the resurrection of a friend of ours, a fellow congregant and choir member, and our elder. We were shocked to learn early Tuesday afternoon that he had passed on sometime the previous night, found that morning by his brother, laying peacefully in his bed.

It was a life very well lived, though, to our minds, too briefly. We'll weep this afternoon, knowing what we have lost, what our community has lost, but I pray that we will rejoice in the knowledge that he is blessed and he is risen. Whenever I lose a friend or loved one, I am always surprised that my faith does not render me immune to those feelings of loss. But that's the trickiness of humanity. Even Jesus wept.

This is the second post in a row where I'm linking to one of my husband's blog posts, but it's very well written and expresses this past week entirely. It's a worthy read.

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