Tuesday, February 08, 2011


It's sunny! And I'm dressed before noon! Of course, sunshine in this neck of the woods generally corresponds with pretty intense cold, and today is no exception. It's -25C with the windchill. Brr. And as you are about to see - but will pretend not to see - our apartment is a mess, so we'll make good use of this cold day, hang out inside and make things a little more liveable around here.

I've been talking about my recent knitting project for a while now, haven't I? As my dreads have finally started growing and getting longer and are no longer just shrinking shrinking shrinking (yes, dreads shrink before they grow. It makes sense if you think about it, but who thinks about that until they actually have them on their own head?) I was finding it harder and harder to fit them into my hat. And the hat that I have been wearing, Urchin, while adorable is not really intended to cover the ears or endure the deep freeze of an Ottawa winter. Enter Shroom.

Shroom slouch hat

Love my shroom with my bangs!

I love it! I LOVE IT!! It contains the dreads perfectly with room to spare (since they're only going to get longer!), covers my ears entirely as well as the nape of my neck which was an unexpected benefit and, best of all, it's super soft and looks great.


Pattern: Shroom (and aRav link to my Shroom)
Yarn: Cascade Magnum in light green/celery
Needles: 5.5mm and 8mm, 40cm and 80cm circs respectively (magic looped it at the end)
Mods: I added an extra inch of ribbing. I thought I would add an extra repeat of the puff rib, but when I ran out of yarn I tried it on, discovered that it made it a little too big so I ripped back and did the number of repeats in the pattern. And it's perfect.
Changes I'd make if I did it again: I might omit that extra inch of ribbing. But as I noted above, it does cover my ears and neck really nicely, and it might not do so without that extra inch, so it's debatable. Ultimately, I'm really really happy with it.

And as promised, our work in progress. Feel free to ignore the mess in the background. Scratch that, you MUST ignore it: just don't see it, ok? I promise to clean up today, I do!

25 weeks pregnant

With a little bit of Peanut silliness in there for added fun.

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  1. Steph1:44 PM

    That is an awesome hat! Peanut is always silly...which is why we love her so much. Loving the baby bump...you look splendid!



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