Sunday, February 13, 2011


Six years and one day ago, The Recruiter and I were married. It was a beautiful, gently snowy day, very similar to yesterday in our fabulous city. Since I was hosting a church youth skating party yesterday afternoon and evening, we celebrated our anniversary on Friday evening. I made a pavlova (I've been watching a rather astonishing amount of cooking shows lately, and Nigella Lawson made this and it was pretty undeniable) and we ordered in some Chinese food. This is the fortune I got in my cookie:

Fortune cookie

Not a bad sentiment for the beginning of our next year together, another year of happy and awesome, a year when our family will continue to grow.

Happy sixth anniversary, honey!

And don't feel too badly that we didn't get to spend much of our actual anniversary together: he and Peanut had a pretty fantastic afternoon together. And people ask us why we want to raise our children in downtown Ottawa - you don't just happen across experiences like this in the suburbs around here!

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