Monday, February 07, 2011

a little bit of our living space

In my last post, there were some little birds that I'd spent a surprisingly long time sitting around industriously sewing. Well here is what they've become:

string of birds

They're hanging from the centre bracket of our curtain rod in the living room. Because oh yeah! We have curtains! It's only taken us seven months of living here to finally hang curtains. There were venetian blinds in the window and verticals on the sliding door to the balcony, but they were horrendously ugly and a total bother. After our little mold escapade, the venetians weren't reinstalled, so we just left them down and hung the curtain rod and curtains. It's made a massive and wonderful improvement to the whole room.

We also have a "new" "lamp". "New" in that I've had it for years, and "lamp" in that it isn't a lamp at all but the parasol from my sister's wedding hung in the corner of the room with a hanging light behind it. It's hard to beat a paper product from our local Chinatown and a $5 Ikea hanging fixture for an inexpensive and fun light.

Chinese parasol "lamp"

And finally, I did a little work with chalk on our large living room wall. We still haven't figured out what we'll hang over the couch, and it's a 7 foot long expanse of wall that fairly cried out for something. Our Words to Remember at church this month are verses from 1 Corinthians 13, and while I find them a little repetitive when read at weddings (generally because so many of the weddings I've attended where they were read have not seemed particularly Christ-focussed, despite being held in a church) they really are wonderful. They are a perfect reminder of the very nature of love and, frankly, I needed the reminder today. I have a cold, I'm very pregnant and I have the accompanying impatience that come with both. And I'm home alone all day with a 2 year old. So a little visual reminder that my constant love for my child demands an equally constant manifestation seemed helpful. Plus: pretty!

1 Corinthians 13

Some day, there will be ample sunshine and I'll actually be willing to take a picture of myself, at which point you will actually get to see my latest knitting project and my ever-expanding belly. And if it ever transpires that our apartment is in any way presentable, I'll actually give you a tour.


  1. Oh that light fixture is AWESOME. Makes me wish I had an umbrella like that. So cool!

  2. I love your "lamp" and I want one too. Maybe I'll find a parasol some place.

  3. Thanks, ladies! The tricky part is getting the loops of fishing line onto the hooks and opening the parasol without nailing myself in the face with a bamboo spoke. Add into it that I was balancing my 5 months pregnant self on the arm of our couch and the whole endeavour was rather exciting, but worth it!

  4. Ante-S9:44 AM

    Great birds, gorgeous lamp idea, love the writing-on-the-wall concept too. Hope your tummy tenant treats you well for the remainder of his/her occupancy.



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