Friday, August 10, 2007

Witty, or, I AM the target audience!

Very cool ads from the Spanish yarn manufacturer, Katia, featured in this weeks pr0n.


You can check out the online comments on this ad from back in March when it was featured on an online ad blog, and read the sometimes uninformed (Hello, yes, we're not all granny's knitting horrible scratchy sweaters; the new generation of knitters is young and hip, even if some of us are, in fact, grandmothers) but often refreshingly receptive comments from people in the ad industry. I thought it was cool, and wanted to share. Besides, the ads are fun, and I think they do a good job of targeting the "new generation" of knitters.


  1. Very stylish! I'd say that it makes me want to buy yarn, but that hardly proves anything: just breathing seems to make me want to buy yarn.

  2. Ooo, that's cool!

  3. Those ARE stylish ads! I used to keep a scrapbook of clippings from European fashion magazines, and I bet that would have caught my eye.

    And I am the target audience too -- "knit one, purl . . . DIE!" ;-)



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