Monday, August 13, 2007

I know, it's not Wednesday, or, A Week Ago


What do you do when you have some fingering weight burgundy 100% Alpaca, begging to be knit, and a desire to knit something lacy? This scarf, that's what.

The stitch pattern is a chart taken from Deborah Newton's V-neck lace pullover in Summer VK '07. It's very angular and reminds me of a twisting rope, but also rather of Greek Keys in its linear, right-angled nature. I added a border to give the scarf definition, just simple pairs of yo's stacked around the edges of the fabric.

I liked it while I was knitting. After I pinned it all out, though, I loved it! I suppose this is really the first lace thing I've ever really gotten this far on. The lace alpaca stockings, *sigh*, are going nowhere, and are crying out to be frogged and the yarn re-wound.


I had plans this week - and I did endeavour - to post pictures from our long weekend. But I thought it likely that people visiting a so-called knitting blog might not be thrilled overmuch by a pic-heavy post with absolutely no yarn content and a large number of pictures of 18 year olds in kilts executing pivot turns. I thought "Flickr mosaic!" But no go: Flickr refuses to cooperate. Such has been the state of my past week with computers. This is just par for the course, I'm afraid.

In summation, it was a great weekend, with beautiful weather, and we had a fantastic time. Friday and Saturday at the Maxville Highland Games (hence the kilts and dancing) and Sunday was spent up at my aunt and uncle's cottage, sitting on the barge (essentially a floating dock with an outboard and a bit of roof for shade) and enjoying the good company of my family. A good day. Wembley met other dogs, ran around, took her first swim, and was thoroughly exhausted by the early evening.



  1. Isn't it amazing what a little pinning does for lace??? Love that color--so rich!

  2. Don't fear the picture-heavy post! Blog readers are a nosey bunch, and I love little glimpses into people's lives. Lovely, lovely lace.



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