Friday, August 17, 2007

Best I could do, or, Alpen!

Swiss-made periwinkle blue cotton yarnA nice look at the texture of the Swiss yarn

Not the best pr0n shots today, I'm afraid. I had plans to get up early, take some nice macro shots of my Rowan tweed shoulder shrug, but, uh, the lure of sleep was a little too great. I'm supervising a series of dance shows this week on Parliament Hill, and while I'm not doing the dancing, I think I'm moderately exhausted by the whole ordeal! I had no idea how stressful it is to stand and watch and wait and hope it all goes to plan. There was some knuckle-biting last night as I watched. Seriously.

So, all preamble aside, the pr0n-y details: Swiss-made Aarlan cotton yarn in a lovely periwinkle. It has some nice sheen to it, very pretty, and...I haven't knit a stitch so I have no clue how it knits up. I'm hoping it's lovely. Even so, I got it for next to nothing at a local yarn shop which has been owned and operated since its opening 53 years ago by the same woman. She and her son have operated it together for over forty years, and he has decided to retire, about a year after his mother's stroke left her unable to run the store with him. While it's very sad about his mother, I'm very happy for him that he is retiring while he is young and healthy enough to enjoy his retirement. He seemed thrilled to be closing and moving on, though he certainly loves fibre and knitting and was quite enthusiastic about finding things for the few people wandering through the nearly-empty shop on its final day.

Finally, I can always judge the appeal of a post by the comments, or lack thereof. The last post was rather self-pitying and spleeny, and I apologise. Best to get such thoughts out, though, rather than penning them up and allowing them to fester. I want to be fester free! (Two points if you can name the Whedon show, episode and character who delivered that line. What you can't? I can. Yes, I am a freak. No, you should not aspire to be like me.)


  1. I love the color!

  2. Nope. that's great yarn porn.

    Don't judge your post by the comments received. I tried commenting but blogger was seizing or something and wouldn't let me!

  3. Nice yarn. I'd love to find a nice affordable cotton to knit a cardi!

    Eh, don't worry about comments or lack thereof. I didn't comment because I've been busy with the whole getting ready for a new school year/semester.



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