Thursday, August 23, 2007

Metal objects, or, Testing My Mettle*

I need to get a bracelet. Specifically, a MedicAlert bracelet. Frankly, it's stupid of me to go off my medication (*cough*fourdaysago*cough*) without wearing something that reads "Stop freaking out: I am fine. I am not dying. Don't let that bus run over me while I lie unconscious on the ground"**. Or, you know, something to that effect, as I'm fairly certain that the company doesn't normally word their warnings quite like that, and even if they did, such a long statement wouldn't fit on the back of a tiny bracelet.

I have had a MedicAlert bracelet before. I got one when I was first diagnosed epileptic at 15, and then replaced it at 17 when I "mysteriously" developed an anaphylactic allergy to almonds (Please, parents: do not allow your children to eat copious amounts of fundraising candy laced with nuts, particularly if the children have pre-existing allergies. And by "let" I mean fail to lock up the chocolate in a high cupboard, because, really, a 17 year old girl with hopes of a performing career really should know better, both from a nutrition stand point, as well as the "I don't wanna be a fatty" standpoint). I haven't had one in a while though; my last one broke, or irritated my wrist, or I lost it because I refused to wear it and carried it in a purse...I can't recall.

So. I should get a new one. And I can get one for as little as $9.95 USD. Fab. But...I don't really like it. I would much prefer not to wear jewelry made of the same material as my cutlery. Still, for someone whose husband was LAID OFF unexpectedly yesterday, perhaps cheap is the order of the day. I could get a teeny tiny bracelet. Am I too old to get away with a coloured emblem? Maybe teal or pink? Or I could just blow a bunch of our money and get this one!


Yes, The Man was laid off. I almost don't want to talk about it, I am so utterly pissed off. There are various reasons for the rage. For one thing, his contract has been up for several months and his boss was dragging her heels on renegotiating. I think she knew months back she was going to have to let him go and didn't want to either come clean, or give him a brief raise. This is the same boss who never bothered to give him benefits. The money wasn't nearly good enough to justify having neither dental or optical. But what is also toasting me is that apparently there had been issues at work for a few months, and he failed to mention it to me. Now that the shock of all this is wearing off, I'm getting a little angry about it.


No pics today, I'm afraid. The lace scarf looks the same, but about 3 times as long. It seems to knit so quickly, about 5 minutes a row, but doesn't seem to grow very quickly, despite that speed. Huh.

*Witty, no?
**Having never had a daytime convulsive seizure, the likelihood of that ever happening is very slight, but I like to prepare for the worst. And a creative mind is a terrible thing to waste by not using massive, hyperbolic language.


  1. Can you feel your seizures coming on? I've got two friends that are epileptics, one can feel them coming on, one can't. I guess you'd need what just that international sign that indicates it's a medic alert bracelet right? Man, I'd be making my own. There's got to be a way to make a nice sturdy bracelet that doesn't have that old lady feel to it nor isn't something so blingy that people are going to swipe it before they haul you out of the way of the oncoming bus!

    That's pretty craptacular about hub's boss. Least she could have done is give him a head's up that she wasn't going to renew the contract....but he'll find a better boss to work for. Just wait.

  2. That reminds me--The Wiz probably should have a medic alert bracelet too, now that he is away from us more. But I have no idea what it should say!
    Sorry about hub's job and boss. It sounds as if there wasn't a lot of communication about the job on either end. I think that he'll find something that is a better fit and boss.
    Good luck to you!

  3. Ugh! So sorry to hear about the layoff. Fortune cookie time... I've recently figured out that financial security is an illusion. (Of course, the positive side is you can always earn something.)



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