Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You come Crash! Into me...or, Full Documentation

Last 18 hours have equaled NO FUN! Check it out:

As you can see, our car (with The Man and I in it) has had an adventure. Last night we were driving West on the 174 when traffic backed up rather suddenly. We stopped fairly sharply, but with space enough to be very safe between us and the car ahead of us. The Man exclaims "Oh, sh!t..." and then we were slammed from behind. I don't know how quickly the guy in the Honda Civic was going, and I don't know that he was on his cell (although The Man thought he saw a mobile up to his ear through the rear-view) but I do know that we were hit violently. We were launched forward, The Man slammed onto the brake (his foot was jarred loose in the impact) and steered toward the guard-rail to avoid the car ahead of us, although he/she appeared to move forward to avoid a pile-up. We were all alright. My head was sore from banging it on the headrest (fortunately we had both at the right heights) and we both felt rather queasy from the adrenaline intoxication, and I was feeling a little spacey and light-headed. While The Man exchanged info with the hitter (as we were the hittees) I called the police, and my grandmother, who were going to visit for dinner. The cop who attended was great. It was about 10C ouside, and raining, but he seemed very comfortable in short-sleeves under his Kevlar, and sort of yelled everything. He was cool. I liked him. The hitter was charged with dangerous driving, and after about an hour we were all back on our way (both vehicles, fortunately, were still drivable, though looking pretty wretched). On to Mama's and some standard Italian up the street from her place. The Man had pizza, I had chicken parmigiana (normally I avoid chicken, but darnitall, I wanted something hot and comforting and cheesy) and a nice visit with my grandmother. She's pretty fabulous, helping us out with fending off the government for my student loan debt. No collection agents for us!! Yippee!

The Man and I visited the clinic today to get checked out, and got a prescription for anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants. We're alright, but finding that our injuries are slowly surfacing as time passes. Sore necks, sore backs, sore heads, sore shoulders, and lots of little nerve-y twinges to remind us that drivers often suck. Thank GOD! We left The Remarkable Wembley at home.

And I have a renewed appreciation for the time I spent at the Insurance law-firm. I called my old boss there, a fantastic young lawyer, and asked for some direction to avoid missing any important steps in dealing with this. While I hate how litigious Western society has become, at the same time, if this crash has any long-term effects, I will pursue some sort of compensation. We have both lost a day of work, and in no way is our physical discomfort decreasing. And heaven forbid I should have some sort of knitting-preventing injury! Whatever would I do?!

I apologise for the verbose and boring post. Have a fantastic, crash-free day. I'm going to snuggle my puppy for the afternoon.

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  1. I've been rear ended more times than I can count. Never that bad though. Glad to hear for the most part you both are OK.



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