Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy days, or, A Return to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Good week. Good, good week. I'm back at work - finally! - and Monday, when I returned, my trainer had a paycheque for me! I had assumed that, because I hadn't been able to complete and return my paperwork to get onto the direct deposit payroll system due to my incredibly stonedness the previous week, that I would have to wait another two weeks. Silly me. So I got to have a little fun this week. I got a new cd, one of many I've been itching to get. You may recall I mentioned the artist. Let's refresh our memories, shall we?


Oh, yeah.

Seriously, though, he's pretty awesome. Fantastic alt-country, light on the alt, but done right. Lots of well-played guitar and banjo and mando. Super.

So then I went to Starbuck's and got myself a mug. A shiny new travel mug. I don't have a pic. It's blue. It's not really all that interesting. But *this* was pretty cool. It was parked outside the 'Buck's.


Isn't it cute? It's such a great shade of turquoise. I think I would like to hook myself up with a cruiser when we move into the city. Pedal to work in the morning, up and down the canal. Good times.

So on Tuesday we moved to our brand-y-new office. And look what was outside, just to make the move a little more interesting:


*Grrr...why is that one pic a different size? Gah!*

Hollywood! Some film called "Kiss Me Goodnight" was filming across the street from our office. Almost directly in front, in fact, and was occupying the entire city block. Whole thing was blocked off. Very inconvenient for us, considering we had boxes of files and a computer and a ginormous server to move into the space. Luckily there was a round-about way to get into the building, so no hard feelings, little film!

More to come. Off to bed.

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