Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy day, or, Celebrate good times!

**Please note: I have put little-to-no thought into the construction of this post. My writing skills have, apparently, degenerated quite severely. It's unfortunate, and I am grieving for the loss of my brain. Bye-bye brain...it was nice to know you.**

Finally, I am connected to the world during the work day! Working an entire week without internet or phone was, frankly, bizarre, and rather unpleasant. Now I can waste the organization's time productively!

Fun and games have occurred since my last post. I had a birthday. Generally speaking, I do not look forward to the time of year known as "Late June". Why? you ask? Well, my birthday usually falls within - at most - 9 days of Father's Day. This wouldn't be a problem, except that my father broke up with my mother - and admitted to his 9 month-long affair - only days before Father's Day (and therefore, my birthday) in 2000. Happy 20th birthday, Darlene. Needless to say, my birthday was pretty low-key that year. Since then, my birthdays have been a little disappointing, with the exception, of course, of my 22nd birthday, which occurred the same day as my dear friends', Katie and Mike, wedding. Which kicked ass, by the way. It was fabulous. A booze-fueled, celtic-punk-soundtracked event that concluded with my friend Eileen (whose birthday was the next day) and I hanging out with members of the band and antagonizing resaurant staff at the local 24-hour diner. Brilliant night. Fond memories.

Anyway, other than that year - which required no actual effort on my part to make enjoyable - I haven't really looked forward to my birthday in some time. This year was no different. I was happy with 25, really happy with it. And I was alright with 26. But 27? I didn't feel ready for it, not really, not yet, so I wasn't particularly pleased to round the corner on the week and find myself staring down the barrel of my birthday. But some small, pleasant things happened to warm me to the idea, or, more accurately, indicate that it made no difference. For example: I went to our local Bulk Barn (oh! how I love Bulk Barn! barrels of bulk food, cheaply priced and easily found!) for some random things (I think I ended up with popcorn, Smarties, and falafel mix) and as I came out, there were about half-a-dozen high school aged skater-types hanging around in front of the store. And as I walked away to my car, they start hooting, catcalling. Now, as a feminist, I object to the objectification of women, and to male-types thinking that they can just get away with doing and saying whatever they want to women. HOWEVER, I think that many things are contextual, and when we're talking about a few 17 yo's and a grown woman, and they aren't doing or saying anything truly impolite, offensive, or threatening (last I checked "Whoo!" wasn't scary) I'm willing to cut a little slack. And, sadly, I must admit, it was a little validating to think I maybe don't look "old", or even my age. Sometimes I feel like I look older than I am (I have fatigue issues, and really fair, thin skin, so there are some dark under-eye-circle issues). Then The Man made fun of me when I got home and told him: "Oh no: you're turning into one of those women who needs the validation of younger men". Excuse me, Mister I-Go-To-The-Beer-Store-In-Shorts-and-a-Ball-Cap-and-Get-Carded-Even-Though-I'm-31.

But the birthday itself was good! It started with a nice haul of presents (first season of The OC! Whee! and another one I will introduce shortly....) and a shirt I had picked up the day before, so I felt pretty (always a good thing!). That evening we had dinner with The Man's best friend, He-Who-Shall-Be-Called-Chuck, at a newish restaurant in Westboro, Juniper. Oh. My. Such good food. Ottawa's answer to trendy haute cuisine. They actually thought - really thought - about vegetarian food. There was only one veggie main (though one fish and one seafood main as well, so there are certainly options for my fellow pesco's out there) it was delightful. Nifty, impressive, unexpected, delish. Cheap? Not on your life, but worth every penny for nice veg food I didn't have to make myself. And on a plate!! No bowls. I get so tired of people always resorting to the bowled meal for veggies.

Then on to the Manx. At first, it looked a little like we'd be the only ones there. We scammed a booth, and then felt guilty about occupying the space of 8-10 people when it was only the two of us (HWSBCC was double-booked for another party). But people showed! Old friends I hadn't seen in a while, dear friends I see all the time...it was a great evening. My tiniest friend even chilled with us for a bit, which was great, because she's a sweetie.

Saturday we had a birthday dinner with the fam. A 'Que over at Mum's with the FIL as well. And how much do I love my Amazon list! FIL gave me knitting books! Ooooh......and mum gave me a gift cert to my fave LYS! Yarn and patterns....luverly!

And Sunday we had a shower for the Sis, who will be married in 18 days. It's insanely soon. It was a good time. I got to meet the flowergirl, whom I had never met before, but about whom I had heard much, and see her mother, who has been friends with the Sis since high school. Good times.

And now I'm working. With a chair intended for much larger people, and a folding table for a desk, my whiplash injury is NOT happy. I'm thinking that since I've wasted, oh, a while, writing this post, I will try to make it to 2-3pm before calling it quits. I can already feel my muscles spazzing out on me. Urgh.

All in all, a good weekend, a good birthday. I have other stuff to write but, enh...it'll keep.


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Gosh! Ditto! Catching up on my blog reading. Speaking of, I had no idea Patrick Park's new album was alt-countryish. I have one song from a few years back that falls squarely into the "guilty pleasure" category.



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