Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've got things to show you!

Have all the ladies scheduled their annual poke-n-prod? I was fortunate enough to win her first drawing! After a delay due to the package being delivered to the wrong house, and my neighbours' unwillingness to, you know, walk 8 feet to my door (have I mentioned my neighbours are craaaaaazy?) the envelope has arrived!! Here're the goodies:
The yarn is so vibrantly blue and turquoise and violet! It's very lovely, and now waits to be knit into some lurvely socks....something fun and funky.

It's been a big day of cooking and baking. On the way home from the studio last night, I picked up some groceries. I'm trying to get Hubs and I to eat healthier food - not too great a challenge for me, but a bit more for him. I brought home some fruit, yogurt, tofu, and a butternut squash. I've never cooked with squash before, except the occasional zucchini, but I figured hey, makes good soup, right? Today I roasted up 5 onions and half the squash with two carrots and some rosemary. Whizzed them up in a blender 2 hours later with some veggie stock, then threw it back in a saucepan to add pepper, salt, sage and some sugar. Yummy.

DSC00144_editedI still had half a squash. Roasted it with butter and brown sugar, peeled the rind off, gave it a blend, too, and made muffins! Hubs is a fan of pumpkin muffins, and these are a close second, though definitely not as 'squash-ey' as pumpkin would be, and they would be better with molasses instead of sugar. Still, yummy.

Dinner? Lentils! A recipe from (which I LOVE, by the way) for essentially a lentil, onion and rice pilaf. Not bad, but not really flavourful. Mmm, maybe with some saffron next time, and served with some sort of flavoured yogurt sauce. Scrummy.

Yeah, the birthday scarf is still, uh, not done. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Oh yum!!! The oven doesn't work in my new place---you're killing me with that pic!!

    Glad you liked the yarn!



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