Friday, February 16, 2007

I lurke.

Can you name the episode of Buffy in which that line can be found? If you can, you will win...well, bragging rights, but that's got to be worth something, right?

So it's a de-lurking day. I'm pretty sure that only one of the bloggists whose blog I read actually knows that I read her blog! Hence the de-lurking. A systematic going through of every blog I read and ensuring I leave a comment on the most recent post. The problem is that I always feel like I need to have something interesting or insightful or witty to say if I'm going to leave a comment. But that's silly, because I look forward to any and all comments, not just "really good ones". So I apologise to everyone for whom I have never left a comment. I'll be better from now on, I promise!


  1. I never watched Buffy. Couldn't tell ya. But I do read you too! Through bloglines. I can't click through at work anymore so if I don't comment that's why. But I too, lurk.

  2. Hi! I had no idea that you read my blog. I'm honored!

    I never watched Buffy either, but my husband's cousin has actually written academic papers on Buffy and writes a blog with a title from the series.

  3. Dang, I thought it was me that knew you read! You always leave the sweetest comments.

    I don't think the last half of today;s counts as sweet, though. It's my own fault, I started it!

    AND! The episode in question is "What's My Line." I googled, but I watch the show every morning!

  4. Was that the Shumash Indian tribe episode???

    I can't wait til we have a place to live and hub unpacks the Buffy DVDs!!



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