Saturday, November 11, 2006

A bunch-a stuff

Some things that make me happy:

1. Watching my puppy watch tv. Movies, shows (especially Buffy) and football, she likes to watch with me, and it just cracks me up every time.

2. Onions. They're yummy. I like them.

3. A good rain. It's been crappy raining here for days. I don't want grey and wet, I want rain I can here thrumming against windows, not just dripping from eaves. I like a good rain, preferably with a little electrical action in there, just for kicks.

4. Having finally found my beading pliers, I am happy playing with beads again. It's been too long.

5. My sleeping puppy. With her eyes all closed and peaceful, and her feet all twitchy because she's dreaming some crazy, active dream.

6. My puppy sleeping with me. I've trained her - unintentially - to serve as both a toddler and a teddy bear. She likes to sleep right up against me, under my arm when I'm sleeping on my side. She's my little bear.

7. A perfect pointe. When I'm dancing and I can feel my foot just perfectly pointed in 3rd rear aerial, or while I'm shedding or backstepping, and especially in rocks...makes me happy.

8. When my puppy plays be herself. She throws her ball for herself, then she watches it, and chases it across the room. Precious.

9. When she tries to play with the dog in the piano. We don't have a dog stuffed in our piano, it's highly polished and she can see herself reflected. Poor thing doesn't understand why that mean ol' dog won't play along.

10. Singing. Almost anything, almost anytime.

11. When hubs cleans the kitchen, or anything, for that matter. It's nice.

12. My nephew. He's a cool little dude, and at 7 months, finds most things amusing. The walls of my living room, very funny. His cat, hilarious. My fingers, another good joke. He's a blast.

13. A newly repainted room. I also don't mind the process, unless it takes a third coat. By then I'm ready for the job to be done, and I've started getting tetchy about doing it.

14. My baguettes (that is NOT some icky euphemism). Hubs and I like the French bread I bake better than the baguettes from the bakery. Go me!

15. Silk. I love sewing with silk. I'd sew exclusively with silk if I could. Dupioni's such a breeze. Gorgeous.

16. New yarn. Starting a new ball of a yarn I've never used for a new project. Except when the centre-pull starts kicking my ass. That makes me angry. Hubs can attest to the rage.

17. Teaching people something when they want to learn. Trying to teach people something when they can't be bothered trying to learn, however, is in the Top Ten of list of Things that Enrage Me. Hear that Leah, Chelsea? Yeah, that means you!

18. Christmas decorations. The importance of Christmas is church, but decorating my home, lights and garlands and a tree everywhere: that keeps the party going from Sunday to Sunday. It is a birthday!

Might as well make this an even 20...

19. Snow. It's pretty. And it lets me wear sweaters every day.

20. A good silly laugh with hubs. We are ridiculous people, very silly, often childish. But it's fun, and we're happy that way, so there. I'm not ready to be boring (ok, I'm kind of boring, but this is the absolute limit of my boringness; I am going NO further into boring).

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