Thursday, October 19, 2006

A quick note before choir practice

Ha ha...get it? Note?

Ok, a few little things before I leave for the first choir practice I'll have attended since early September (for reasons I will explain later):

1. Knittyheads are fecking hilarious. Hi-f*cking-larious. I'm (slowly) compiling a list (a little down and to the right) of awesome knittyhead blogs. Check 'em out.

2. How long can a shih tzu go without a trip outside? Because mine is refusing to go outside due to the nasty rain. Surely my puppy needs to pee! It's been nearly 24 hours!!

3. Also regarding knittyheads: it would appear that many of you are Whedonites. While our logic may not resemble your earth-logic, it is, in fact, far more advanced. And if you don't understand, you obviously haven't watched enough Buffy. Send me a message, we can look into a lending programme of my dvd's to get you started. You'll be better for it, promise.

Heather, if you happen to read this, I'll bring your hat on Saturday so you can get a look at it mid-knit.

Later, all.

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