Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Holy Construction, Batman!

After concluding that my page was boring as all get-out, I've begun construction. It's all a little higgledy-piggledy at the moment, so I hope you'll excuse the state of it, and keep checking in.

I have two works in progress, one waiting to be blocked and constructed, and one still on needles. After spending 3 hours messing around with Blogger, Photoshop, and Photobucket, and considering I actually have to be up before noon tomorrow, I'll have to post them tomorrow for you. Ooooh...I'm sure you're all just quivering with anticipation....

A thought for the evening: a nice marriage to come home to is, perhaps, made up of little things. I came to bed last night and my husband was already asleep. My feet were cold - they always are - and in his sleep, he slid is feet over to mine to warm them. A sweet, little thing, but it's special, I think.

Have a good night!

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