Thursday, October 26, 2006

Get a Job, Sha na na na, Sha na na na na

Having been referring to myself as a 'seamstress' for the past two months, I am happy to report I am actually seamstressing for hire! Yay! Fifteen identical dresses made to fit fifteen mid-teen girls, plus some special occasion dresses for other dancing pals. Again, I say, Yay!

So tomorrow turned into three days, so here we have my list of things to complete before Christmas. Keep in mind that for most of these I have yet to purchase or even choose yarn:

1. Felted bag for DS. Front of the bag is knit, so now we need a back and strap, to felt it, and add some ornamentation. Yoopee.

2. A hat to match the My-So-Called Scarf I knit for DS LAST year, but couldn't quite complete before Christmas (because SOMEBODY ate my knitting needles with the scarf on them).

3. A lacy wrap for Mum.

4. A knitting-themed gift for SIL: a knitting caddy (sewn by moi) with hand-made stitch markers and stitch-row markers (thanks for the fab directions, Cristi!), possibly with funky needles

5. Knucks for Dad (lots of carpentry in a BARN in Ontario winters requires Knucks, I think).

6. The promise of kilt hose for Future-BIL.

7. Maybe some knucks for Mum's BF...

8. Maybe a cool scarf and matching wristlets/gauntlets/gap-warmers for Dad's W.

9. BIL and FIL: I can't knit samurai books or fantasy lit, so I think we'll be visiting Chapters.

Yikes. I have my work cut out for me. I need to finish that kitty hat pronto. Here it is so far:Looks a little like a bat hat...I'm a little concerned it won't be 'kitteny' enough. Maybe I'll embroider "meow" with the CC near the brim, to clarify.



  1. Those look like ears to me... maybe add whiskers to the brim?

  2. I hope you charge good for your seamstressing...that's hard work!!!!

  3. It's great you're getting the seamstress work, sounds like you'll be busy.

    I hope you get through all the things on your list.



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