Wednesday, July 25, 2012

mairzy doats and dozy doats

A few months back, Peanut decided she wanted to eat oatmeal. I had made some for myself and for Bubby and then, unexpectedly, Peanut The Picky who had never before countenanced a food so sticky or lumpy wanted to try it. I was very, very happy indeed, and she hasn't looked back since. Almost every morning she starts her day with several bowls of oatmeal porridge topped with maple syrup.

As I said, Bubby eats it, too. And while I am deeply appreciative of all the advantages of oatmeal porridge as a breakfast - it's quick and easy to prepare; it's very affordable; it's a healthy whole grain; it's naturally gluten-free and free of refined sugar or corn or other additives - I have to admit that, lately, I'm not feeling the oatmeal love. Because as quick as it is to prepare the breakfast, the clean-up? Well, that's another story.

oatmeal everywhere


It. gets. everywhere.

Little globs of sticky, gluey, oatmeal.

On the table. On the underside of the plate. A thin film all over her cup. On the floor. On every part of the high chair. Caked onto every item of her clothing. In her hair.

On the floor.

On the dog.

It is getting to be more than a little challenging not to absolutely loathe the stuff.

neverending oatmeal


  1. Will they do the steel cut kind? It doesn't turn so mushy, so not so messy. If you soak it overnight you just need to heat it up in the morning!

    1. That's a great idea! I'll have to get some on my next trip to Bulk Barn and see how they like it. Thank you!



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