Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today I have

* a big girl keen to make friends at the library
* a daughter so excited by books we stayed an extra half hour after Storytime to read more books
* a growing baby who sat by herself for two minutes before flopping to the side


* a Big Sister who delights in her baby
* a Little Sister who rolled over by herself for the first time


And I have

* friends who share my passions
* a strong vote of confidence from our minister, whom I respect and admire

A good day.


  1. Sheila2:28 PM

    A good day. A great day. A beautiful day!
    A community of people who share your passions is a wonderful thing (and a wonder-filled thing) to find. A true treasure in life.
    Ingenuity in cooking is good too!

  2. Anonymous4:20 PM

    A good day indeed, and congrats to the littlest one for rolling over! Life gets much more interesting as you become more mobile - go, baby, go!

    And cheers for libraries, and story time, and children who love stories and books. Mine aren't into libraries, yet, but they sure do love a good story.



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