Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today, Peanut is 2.  The past two years have never ceased to surprise, amaze, delight, enlighten, entertain, educate, and bless me.  And now our little Peanut, our Gift from God, is two.  I cannot believe how quickly these two years have gone, how slowly they have passed, how much she has changed, and all the ways she is just as she was the day she was born.

So Happy Birthday, Peanut!  You have made me a mother, and you have made me the mother I am.  You are my tiny star and I thank God for you every day.


  1. Happy birthday mama! Now that Peanutty is 2 any plans for 2? ;-) Dontcha love annoying people who ask that question?

  2. Happy birthday dear little sweetie. Love you lots

  3. A(u)nti(e) S.11:26 AM

    Beautiful! It seems 30 years has passed as quickly as 2 sometimes. Happy 2nd birthday to your wonderful little family, you make a glorious trio. Glynis chose well when she chose you.

  4. How wonderful to watch her personality emerge! Happy Birthday Glynis!



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