Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vapourous, or, More Knitting!!

And I actually knit it!

Peanut had her baptism last Sunday. She was so sweet and quiet, only a little bit of fussing with the water, and settled right down once it was finished. She was absolutely adorable in her gown (I'll post pics of it as soon as I get some good shots) and generally a doll. Since I *ahem* don't quite fit most of my nicer clothes yet (that is, those that aren't very stretchy) I had to make myself a skirt to wear, and since a new skirt practically demands a new shrug, I had to knit a shrug as well! I've been rather enamoured of Ysolda's Cloud Bolero (here's a linky for those who Ravel) for quite some time, and thought that, knit in cotton, it would be just the ticket.


Pattern: Ysolda Teague's Cloud Bolero
Yarn: Luna by Cascade in Red
Size: Medium (must now accomodate ye olde nursing boobs!)
Mods: I added short sleeves, rather than doing the cap as called for, and added one non-lace four-row repeat before binding off the body.


  1. Oooh what a pretty red! And that is one seriously cute bolero!

  2. Very pretty! And in cotton, my fave!

  3. I've had the "Liesl" version of that in my queue for ages. It looks great in that colour! I just bought blue yarn, but now I kind of want to make it in red...



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