Friday, August 29, 2008

Prima Nocta, or, Oy! Oy! Oy!

I went out last night.

Peanut stayed home with her daddy and about 8 little bags of expressed milk I had stored up over the last two weeks and I went out and heard a kick-ass band play! I am a big, BIG fan of a now-defunct local band, Siobhan. They have disbanded due to that crazy thing called "We feel like growing up and getting married and having babies and as awesome as this record deal we've been offered is, touring four months of the year is just not going to work for us, so let's call it a day and just do reunion gigs whenever Ol' Jimmy is in town". Last night was one such reunion gig. It had been two years since their last local gig (at which my good friend K, wife to M, the bouzouki player in the band, was pregnant with their first child; she is now eight weeks from delivering their second wee bairn) and I was determined that I was going to go. So, The Man stayed home with Peanut, and I warily left for my first evening out since three days before her birth. It was weird. It was difficult.

It was awesome! Their shows are full of cursing and swearing, occasionally some beer is thrown, the crowd, there has - historically, at least - been a rather "energetic" mosh pit near the stage, and on the rare occasion there has been some band nudity (last time, the boys dropped trou and we were all treated to seeing their fuzzy man-bums, and M almost invariably ends up shirtless). Despite these things, they really are nice, sweet, kind guys, and consumate musicians. Though it had been two years since they last played together, they put on a great show, fully impressing everyone, most of all themselves, I think.

And Peanut and The Man were fine at home, alone, as I knew they would be (mostly knew, at least). And I was fine as well, returning home at 12:30, feeding Peanut at 1, and getting a very short night's sleep. I'm certainly feeling it today - I'm not as young as I was when I would go to the boys' weekly gig on a Friday night, after a full day of lectures, and then work an 8 hour retail shift all day Saturday - but it was so worth it. I refuse to allow myself to be sucked into "momhood" and stop having a life. I simply will not allow it! And besides, The Man only used a third of the milk I stored up. Perhaps he can help out with one of the mid-night feeds this weekend. :)


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  1. Ha ha! YOu're so lucky!!! I went out Xmas shopping a few weeks after I had Chunky. I come back two hours later and Dr. MS had fed him like 8 bottles! Ha ha! He figured Chunky kept eating them, he must be hungry. Oh sweet lord, the baby vomit that produced! Hee hee, he learned after that!



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