Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lagging, or, All Drugged Out

Tomorrow turned into today, and, I know, I haven't posted on the trip again. I came home with serious jet-lag (this morning was the first since my return that I didn't wake at 4 am thinking it was time for lunch), an ugly cold, and terrible laryngitis. I skipped out of work two hours early to take a quick visit to the doctor and get a scrip for some antibiotics to tackle the raging throat and sinus infection I'm now enjoying. Fun times.

What's particularly fun - not - about taking the antibiotics is the likely effect on my digestive system. Due to the starchy, fibre-less diet we encountered in Russia, and the effect it had, and now the influence of the antibiotics on my little body, I will have experienced the full spectrum of intestinal fun!

That was a little TMI; I apologize. But such things are certainly a part of the sphere of international travel, aren't they.

Later today: An actual trip write-up! And I'll flesh out the pics on the last two posts, as well, including links to the sets on Flickr.

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