Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gutsy, or, late!


My purse. It's about to be replaced, hopefully, because it's starting to fall apart, but for now, this is what I carry to and from work most days. Above, you can see my earbud spool, and the book I'm currently reading, A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel. It's very very good; I recommend it.

inner pursepocket 1pocket 2pocket 3pocket 4pocket 5

So what's worthy of note? Well, the fact that I have hairpins in multiple pockets (I generally have hairpins in every purse I ever carry, and in at least one pocket of almost every coat or jacket. The 3 pattern row markers are still in there from when I was knitting the BIL's kilthose. The MAC lipgloss I got - free! - when I took back 6 empty MAC containers. It's a great reuse project they have, and the lipgloss is fabulous! And I've been looking for that earring...


  1. Those are awesome purse guts! And so neatly labeled, too! Well done, tootsie, well done!!

  2. At least you found your earring, right?

  3. Holy crap--you have to be photographed for your bus pass? Is it a yearly pass or something???



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