Monday, January 15, 2007

How'd I forget to do that?

How did I spend DAYS knitting Knucks for my dad and Fetchings for his wife, stay up 'til 2 am the Saturday before we went to their place for dinner to get them done, and forget to take a single picture of either of them? I must be a total idiot. This is like the third gift I've knit and gifted and forgotten to blog. And I was so proud of them both!

Ok, I'm over it. Sort of. Whatever, I'll describe them and you can all use your wonderfully creative minds to imagine how they looked. Hey, you'll probably imagine them better than they turned out, so that might work out, right? Ok, the Knucks were knit in Smart Superwash, in a nice tweedy green. I think I used needles that were a little bigger than called for in the pattern (maybe a 4mm dpns) but they fit my dad, so I'm happy. I used some random black yarn - maybe worsted weight - to embroider Hilltop, the name of my father's cabinetry and woodwork design business, onto the knuckles. He seemed to really love them. For his wife, I made a version of Fetching wristwarmers. Instead of doing a right twist or left twist cable, I did a wavy cable (right, left, right, left, etc.) on the wrists, in grey Patons Classic (I'm stash/leftover busting!) with stripes of Patons Classic in Paprika (leftover from that sweater I knit a few months ago). She also seemed thrilled with them, so it's gravy all 'round.

I nearly have a FO, and I will have pics by tomorrow night, modelled by the recipient. And I'm working on a few things, which are waiting for a little natural light to have some semi-decent pictures taken of them. It is entirely possible that by the time the giant snowmen in the sky dropping blizzards on us roll on, these projects will be done, and you'll get modelled pics. Maybe outdoors. With some sort of crazy staging. Ok, that part probably won't happen. But maybe a puppy. Because I always have a puppy. And she's always cuter than me. Cause she's the bestest doggie!!

Happy snow to you all! I'm very happy about it!

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  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Awwww!!! I did really want to see those Knucks! But they sound fab. I like the word you embroidered. Very clever!



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