Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bad blogger, bad, bad!

I know, and I'm sorry. It's been eons - ok, weeks - since my last post. No good, D, no good at all!

Christmas is always a crazy time of year for the churchy and the musical. Choir concerts and rehearsals, multiple services a week, plus the SIL's birthday, the annual Christmas Ceilidh out at the Aunt and Uncle's farm (soooo much fun, and the scene of the first time I was drunk in front of the 'rents, but that's a story for another time), and all that Christmas knitting!

Still, there are no excuses, only explanations, and I apologise for the long delay. But, good news! Santa was very good to me this year, and in ways that will provide fodder for this-here knitting blog!

From my mum, I received Beyond Wool, a book of patterns featuring various natural fibres, a needle roll, and some bamboo needles (in sizes I didn't have!). From my SIL, I received Yarnplay, a book of fabulous colour and yarn combinations. Sooooo lovely. I'm saving up for Noro! And from my FIL, Felted Knits, because I'm all, you know, addicted to felt Vogue Knitting, the hardcover, complete encyclopedia. I luuuuuurve this book!! I hadn't even put it on my Amazon list, he just thought, hey, maybe she'll use it. It's wonderful! And will prove very very useful for one of my very very ambitious projects upon which I will embark shortly.

The project is actually a Christmas gift. Yes, I realise that Christmas was last month, and no, it's not for the upcoming year. Future-BIL received from Jon and I a small book entitled Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings. Don't you love it?!! Written by a leeetle old Scottish lady. It's my mum's book, and will eventually go back to her, I imagine. But it was better than just giving him a card with "I will knit you kilt hose" written inside. When he and The Sister get married in July of this year, he plans to wear a kilt. Kilt hose off a rack: boring. Kilt hose out of my brain: fabulous!! Or at least, I think they will be. I've never actually, uh, knit hose, or even socks for that matter. But it'll be fine, I'm quite sure. And the Vogue Knit-o-pedia has some wonderful stitch patterns full of texture and shapes....I'm very excited!

I'm working on a few things right now, but I haven't any pics. I'll get those, and do up another post soon. I'm even an hour's worth of work away from finishing something I blogged several months ago. Something that has plagued me. But now I am it's master!!! Mwu-wah-ha-ha-haaah! But I'll have to model it, and I'm in my pjs right now, so it'll have to wait. YOU'll have to wait!! Tee hee!

Keep on keeping on,

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  1. What a cool FIL!!! My husband doesn't even have as much of a clue as your FIL has!

    Ooo...can't wait to see your kilt hose! And by July? That's totally doable!



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