Saturday, September 02, 2006

First blog ever!

Woohoo! So...blogging...alright! I swore I wouldn't get sucked into this (you know, like I said about MSN and text-messaging....) but here we are. At least I haven't bought into myspace, right?

In my explorations of the 'interweb' of late, I have noticed the proliferance of knitting blogs. Hey! I knit, and I'm proud of what I knit, and I frequently make mistakes from which others may learn - or gain much, much amusement. I should blog my adventures in needle-iness!

More importantly, I am days (perhaps a couple weeks...) from embarking on the fabulous odyssey which is handspinning. Yarn is expensive, particularly the lovely lumpy handspun I crave; unspun fiber is not, hence spinning.

Join me on my quest to
spin the Golden Fleece.

1 comment:

  1. Hi and welcome to the blogverse. I left you a response to your knittyboard question for spinning resources in Ottawa (I'm here too). Feel free to check out my blog. I'm thinking of joining the local Stitch N Bitch - maybe I'll see you there!



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