Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday morning

Mom slipped away gently, softly, slowly at 11:15pm last night, January 10. Just after 4 we met with her doctors and decided it was best to allow her to go in her time.
Her last hours were so peaceful. So calm and still. There was laughter at her bedside. There was music. I lay my head on her shoulder, taking my last comfort from her simply being. Just being there. Just being. And it was good, so good.
There was no struggle. After all those months of working so hard, it was a heartrending relief to see her peaceful. We told her it was her time to go.
And as she started across I smiled at her. I gazed into her face and smiled and told her it was ok, she had worked so hard and now her work was done. That we'll be alright. That we love her, we love her so much, and that it was time to go.
Even in her very last moments of her living she was a source of such joy. We joyed in her.
I was smiling at my glorious mother as she died.

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