Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the farther shore

You trust it's there.

You trust that over, through, beyond the heaving waves there is solid footing. There is a place of rest and deep, easy breaths and calm. 

You trust that there is a farther shore. You trust that you will reach it and walk again. 

You trust you will not always be swimming. Grasping. Gasping.

You trust. 

Because there is nothing else for it but to cast yourself into the waters and swim.


  1. Sheila10:18 PM

    Look to your right, people who love you are swimming alongside, ready to hold you up and help you keep your head above water. Look inside you, the strength you need for the swim is already there. Look to your left, there is a support boat filled with everything you need to complete your journey and reach the farther shore where you will again walk in the sunshine.
    This holds true for us all. <3

    1. Sheila10:20 PM

      Meanwhile... we ride the waves.



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