Sunday, March 10, 2013

Glynis's "Pl'mpy" Toque

"Ooh!" she exclaimed, "It's very nice. I like the pl'mps."

A "pl'mp", you must understand, is a bobble or a nupp, and this hat is fairly covered in them. They're rather ridiculous, but I thought they might help to highlight and even exaggerate the thick-and-thin nature of this beautiful handspun we were gifted two years ago. One of my Knittyboard confederates, feeling particularly badly for us that we were displaced from our condo for several weeks during advent while we were expecting Bubby, sent us some Christmas baking as well as a skein of the gorgeous yarn she spins. Soft and fluffy and springy, and variegated in shades of yellow, orange and fuchsia, it waited in my stash until the proper inspiration struck.


And struck it did. Over a period of a few days, taking best advantage of Bubby's naps, I knit up this little number for her and she adores it. It's a slightly ludicrous hat, with its gnomish shape and bobbles from ribbing to tip, but I'm still absolutely thrilled with it. Cute and silly, just like the girl it sits atop.


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I love that hat! And I love the "pl'mp"s too. Great colors, and so whimsical.



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