Thursday, May 24, 2012

just a mom looking out for another mom

It's hot 'round here. Like, currently 26C and expected to hit 28C. Like, it currently feels like 33C with the humidity and we can expect it to increase through the afternoon. And there's very little breeze and what breeze there is is easterly, as are all our windows, meaning we get essentially no air moving through our apartment. Ever.

But we suffer on, without turning on the A/C. We have an air conditioner, but it's off. And why? Frugality? In part. Some form of asceticism? Hardly.


See that? That's the space behind our A/C unit. Here's a close-up:


Call her an urban winged rat if you like, but I see a mom. Just another mom trying to take care of her babies. You can see in the photo that one of her eggs has been broken, that future nestling lost. So we'll suffer on for a while yet. Hopefully her remaining eggs will hatch soon and we can gently encourage her to find someplace else to nest after they have matured and fledged.

In the meantime, it sure is hot.

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