Friday, March 25, 2011

This should be part two, but...

...I haven't exactly finished the finishing work on the bed. I've trimmed out two of the three sides of the base of the bed, but not the third side. And it's still totally unpainted. I declare and I promise that it will be completed - and I *hope* will have a king sized mattress on top! - before this baby is born. I have this vision of my whole family, including my two beautiful children, climbing into a lovely bed and cuddling up together after the birth. That vision also includes a neat and organized bedroom, warmly and eclectically decorated. I'd better get to work!

And since it's been awhile, here's how that other work in progress is coming along:

Belly #2 at 31 weeks

There's other stuff going on chez nous but it's mostly drama, and since I'm trying to focus on happy stuff...we'll just leave it. Ultimately, the family is all well, we're all happy, and all looking forward to meeting the new baby. Everything else can go jump in a lake.


  1. Ante-S10:24 AM

    Beautiful, your vision and your photo. Just beautiful. Love your new hairstyle... I miss my short 'n' easy hairstyle sometimes. Looks fab.

  2. Umm... you're not allowed to not include at least one picture of peanut in your posts.



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