Monday, February 01, 2010

Plus de plum?

So I bought 4 skeins of plummy Cascade 220 to knit Ester.  She took exactly 2 skeins (seriously, there was about 8 inches of yarn left over: it was awesome!).  I now have 2 skeins of plum 220 with nothing to do.  The question is, do I return it to the yarn store for a different yarn or colour, or, considering how much I adore this shade, do I knit another cropped sweater out of it?

I have had this faved on Ravelry for about a year now, maybe longer.  I don't have enough to do full sleeves, but I could probably eek out some little cap sleeves. But do I really want - or need, but really, when does "need" ever actually factor in to these decisions? - two cropped, cap-sleeved plum cardis?  Could it edge on too much of a good thing?

Meanwhile, my top-down natural grey eco-wool cowl neck is causing me headaches.  I've actually cut the yarn under the arm, and I'm removing the entire yoke of the sweater to pick up live stitches and knit it upward again, it looked so weird.  I really shouldn't mod patterns without doing my research first.  For your own edification, if you are wanting to knit a scoop neck raglan, the scoop should start at the raglan increases, not 2 inches in from them.  Just in case you ever need that information.  I could have really used it about, oh, ten days ago.+


  1. A third option would be to do the ravelry pattern in stripes. It might show off the unusual direction the front runs.

    I'm sorry that your other project is giving you woes!

  2. Could you make a mini-Ester for a mini-girl?



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