Friday, September 11, 2009

Let me introduce Nancy

Back in June, on the 20th to be specific, Nancy came into my life.  She was a birthday gift from my mother.  Two days later, I watched The Man cart her, along with my wedding gown (including the crinoline!) with his guitar on his back, down the street immediately after the fire.  When I asked him why he bothered to carry her out of the house, he said "It was a birthday gift."  He wanted to be sure that I had one of my birthday gifts, particularly since I had such a wretched birthday.

So here she is.


And here's what we've been working on together.

DSCF2968 DSCF2964
DSCF2929 DSCF2945

I have so many other plans, too.  I loooove her!!


  1. I like those, especially the turquoise fabric.

  2. Very nice! I like the blue top too. Is there any way to buy a saggier boobed Nancy? She looks too perky to match me!



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