Monday, August 24, 2009

A bit of Peanut, too

Just to reassure you that Peanut is still as cute as ever, I thought you may need to see how she's doing these days.
One of my very favourite aspects of our new place is the front load washer.  I really adore our front loader.  It is made of awesome.  Peanut thinks so, too.
TV?  Who needs it!  Just get a front-loader!
She'll watch her diapers go around and around and around.  It's fantastically adorable.
Just like our last condo was, this place is a stacked townhouse.  And just like the last one, we are in the upper half of the stack, which means that there is no way for us to clean the outside of our own windows.  Fortunately, the condo corp takes care of that, which made for about a half hour of entertainment for Peanut.  And that, in turn, allowed me to eat my breakfast and get some blogging done in peace.
Watching the nice man in the cherry picker wash the windows.
She watched the nice man in the cherry picker as he washed all our windows, and he got a great kick out of seeing her, too.

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  1. I love the leg warmers! Hee hee, and those chubby baby thighs!



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