Friday, July 03, 2009

Quick update

Very quick update on what's happening here. The contents of the house were removed yesterday, and in about an hour we'll be going to see it all and find out about what will be entailed to clean it. We may be able to just launder everything ourselves, since there is no real smoke damage or soot.

We've put an application in on another townhouse condo for rent. It's near Little Italy and on a quiet residential side-street, with a home recording studio where The Man and I recorded our friend's album just this past winter. The guy who owns the studio has two small children, so Peanut may be able to make some friends.

We're feeling hopeful, which is a massive step up from how we had been feeling only Tuesday. We know that things will work out.


  1. Crossing fingers and praying for you.

  2. Omni Sea Ant12:52 PM

    Your phoenix is rising, great things are in store I just know it.

    Smooth sailing to your new harbour.



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