Monday, September 01, 2008

Two weeks ago, or, At the Font

Two weeks ago, Peanut had her big day at church and was baptised. She was sweet and good and only fussed a little. With the third application of water, she stopped fussing and just looked around. Oh, she was just a perfect little doll.


I made her dress out of fabric left over from making my wedding gown with re-purposed lace from an antique wedding gown my mother found. The pattern was essentially just a copy of a hand-me-down dress from our good friends, K&M, but with smocking instead of a gathered skirt and little puffed sleeves. I am very pleased with how it turned out, though I think the smocking could have turned out a little better if I'd pleated it a little more shallowly.

Because I made the pattern up myself, and it was the first child's garment I have ever sewn, we had a liiiittle trouble getting it on. It took teamwork!


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