Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Still Wednesday, or, I promised!

baby cardi 3baby cardi 2baby cardi 1
The sock-yarn baby cardi! It has a sleeve-cap! It's turning out pretty well, so far. I'm still not entirely sure just exactly what size of baby this will fit, though this kiddo is starting to feel pretty big, so maybe my worries that it will be too large for a newborn are unfounded! What I'm really liking about the smocking stitch pattern is how stretchy it is (it's really just a 2x2 rib with a wrap every four rows). As baby gets grows, the body of the sweater will get shorter, but it will expand around because of the stitch pattern. I just need to make the sleeves accommodate extra length...but I have a plan! You'll see...once it's a few weeks.


  1. I like the sweater! Try to remember to do this the week the kid is born: look at it and then look at your stomach. It will blow your freaking mind to think that something so big was inside you a mere week ago.

  2. The sweater is soooo cute! The only problem is if it's too small...babies grow so fast, large sizes are never an issue.

  3. Hi, I saw your comment to Canary Knits, so I thought I would say hello. I am a Carleton BHum almost-graduate. Hums knitters are crawling out of the woodwork :)



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